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Consulting Advice


Our experience with providing souvenirs to museums, art galleries and other tourist locations over the years enables us to pass on our expertise and advice to you.

Sales Advice


Our key aim is to provide your location with products that will not only increase the sales of your gift shop but also extend your visitor’s experience to continue when they have returned home.  We draw on our experience of working with similar locations to advise on best selling pieces that are right for your location.

Collection Advice


We will curate a collection of pieces that are personalised to your location including highlighting key artefacts, rooms and historical people.  We ensure that our suggested pieces span a range of prices so that each profile of visitor is catered for and ensure that the collection makes sense for your business and its size.  We can also identity any opportunity for bespoke products to engage your visitors and promote your location.

Visual Merchandising Advice


We advise on the narrative of our products and how we would link them back to your location.  We will advise on the images used for our complimentary visual merchandising display that will create the most impact.

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