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Hohenzollern Castle on a hill next to the green and wood interior of the castle next to H.AZEEM London green Peridot Necklace on a wooden background

Hohenzollern Castle

History is at the heart of our designs and we believe that heritage and culture can be the foundation of inspiration for our modern collections.

We are ready to be absorbed by the history of your location. We research before our first meeting and come prepared with ideas when we meet.


The design of our heritage inspired luxury gifts may have been inspired by famous historical figures, buildings or interiors of your rooms. 

Signature Range


Our H.AZEEM London signature range comprises of over 500 natural gemstone and Sterling Silver pieces that create stunning affordable luxury gift shop products.  Clients are able to curate a range and tailor it to their specifications.



When we get together we first discuss your needs including key aspects of the location, visitor numbers and demographics. We have experience of working with locations of all sizes and will tailor our advice accordingly. If there is a bespoke need we will go through a process of concept designs, sketches, revisions, 3D CAD designs and final product. We will always come with ideas on the signature range and how it can be adapted to your location. We can discuss this further once we are on the ground with you.



The materials are just as important as the design and we regularly update our materials to ensure our designs are contemporary and desirable.



We have been working with our trusted manufacturers for over a decade and ensure that we always give our customers the products of the highest quality.

Pricing, Delivery & Customs


Our quoted prices will include design costs and delivery, there are no hidden costs. We ensure that all EU standards are complied with and we take control of the logistics and customs clearance ensuring that the goods arrive to you on time.

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